🌅5⃣ Consultation on recycling business permit (secondhand shop)

※Our business is aimed at corporate and individual customers residing in Japan, so we cannot respond to inquiries from outside Japan.


Compensation regulations
1⃣ When receiving a request, we ask that you pay the full amount as a deposit for remuneration of 100,000 yen (excluding tax) or less. Please note that we may ask you to pay the actual cost in advance.

2⃣ When receiving a request, for remuneration over 100,000 yen (excluding tax), we ask that 50% of the remuneration amount be paid as a deposit at the time of request. In addition, we ask that you pay the remaining 50% and the actual cost settlement amount when the work is completed. Please note that we may ask you to pay the actual cost in advance.

3⃣ Please note that we will not refund the start fee if the work is completed in the middle due to the client’s convenience.

Estimated reward
1⃣ Consultation by face-to-face: @ 5,000 yen per hour (excluding tax)

2⃣ Recycled product sales business (secondhand dealer) license
: Basic remuneration 1 application ¥50,000 (excluding tax), police station payment fee ¥19,000 (separately) 

Note 1) Simple consultations for the same project after the start are free of charge (within 30 minutes per session), but consultations that ask for answers to the permission application form and attached documents that are underway are strictly prohibited.                                  

Note 2) When applying for permission, if you go to a police station outside of Tokyo (excluding remote islands) or if you need to go on a local business trip, a daily allowance of ¥ 5,000 per hour (excluding tax) and actual expenses such as transportation and travel expenses may be added.

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